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Skuflix offers website production to independent companies and individuals who are looking for professional results on a friendly budget. While tools exist for individuals to create websites, the process is time consuming, and the websites produced tend to look the same. We manage the production of the entire site from conception to content management and programing with our team of professional graphic designers and programmers  to create a unique and relevant experience. Below are websites that Skuflix has produced.
Joan Chevalier
Sharon Harrigan
Joan Chevalier, a speechwriter for CEOs and politicians, needed a website to establish internet presence and credibility. We based the visual concept on Joan's last name, Chevalier, which means knight - Joan Chevalier is portrayed as a knight who defends ideas with her pen. Every page has an image of the knight and pen, or of the pen. We also worked on showcasing her writings and publications in a way that is appealing and clear particularly for her client base. For example, the sheets on the homepage revealing the full quote when clicked, and also link to the relevant page in the website.

The website also works both as a personal business card for the writer, and as a website for her company Chevalier Communications.
Vodka Rocks! is an independent film produced by SkuFlix. Vodka Rocks! takes a bold look at the power of branding and marketing, with a tone close to Natural Born Killers and Pierrot Le Fou. With the help of our graphic design team, we came up with a design that is colorful and fun. The website's many pages and convoluted navigation keeps our viewers engaged. 
We wanted a nuts and bolts website for our production company SkuFlix, no fluff, no sparkle. We went with a simple white and black design which is relevant to our name (Sku standing for Sku number or barcode, and Flix for movies). Our blog page is actually our homepage, to make sure it keeps on being updated as a way to improve our SEO.

Our team page also works with a black and white team & barcode them.
Sharon Harrigan, a writer of a fresh, sharply observant blog, was looking for a website that was more functional for her readers and for her own publishing needs. Our goal was to create a site for her that could interact with Facebook, allow subscribers, and let her see blogpost traffic. The finished website is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and has a sleek new look that expands on her visual concept of walking on the highway.