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We recently discovered a great online service called Amara, which allows anybody online to add subtitles to a Youtube video in any language they want, and in just a matter of minutes.

The service is simple- watch a video and type out what is being said, then sync up the text and you’re done!  This has great potential for spreading videos among a larger worldwide audience, and gives everyone the opportunity to use their knowledge and language skills to help out.

We have already added English subtitles to the VODKA ROCKS! 0% Alcohol Vodka Reveal video to test out the program and help show what is being said.  The process was extremely simple, enjoyable, and had a satisfying outcome.

If you’d like to help out and try adding some subtitles, doing so is simple: Go to the Vodka Rocks! video page (HERE) and select a video. At the bottom of the video should be a tab that says “Subtitle Me” – click that, and then simply select the language the video is in (English) and the language you are writing subtitles in.  After that, you can just follow the simple steps laid out clearly by the site.

We appreciate all the help and support that our fans give us.  If you want to help us out with subtitles, we’ll be sure to give you a shoutout for your help on Facebook and Twitter, and give you our most sincere thanks!

Here’s an example of what the subtitles look like- isn’t it nice?

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