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Joan Chevalier
Welcome to our Productions

what makes a movie worth making? worth watching? says something new and finds a new way of saying it? Personal stories that get under your skin, political satire that cuts to the quick, documentaries out on a limb. we do make product, – we are skuflix after all, – but there's always a surprise in the box. or outside the box.

Expand your film-watching experience with SkuFlix's 2012 Expanded Screening Experience Events Beginning March 2012.
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Vodka Rocks!

"Vodka Rocks! is a satirical comedy about the excesses of branding, marketing and consumerism."
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Lotto Land

This film tells two interwoven stories of two single-parent families in a poor, racially-mixed neighborhood in Brooklyn.
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African Americans and The French: A Long Friendship
The films and the issues they represent in environments that are both intimate and appealing. Join us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates on the ExSEx series.
Multiplatform and multidisciplinary project aiming at social impact
We are gearing up for John Rubino's next big project that will use multiple platforms to bring an important, but overlooked issue in today's society to light, and transform into a much needed resource for our community. This project is still in development. But shht, it's still confidential.

Please check back for more details.