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VERMIN SUPREME will be joining us to share his words of wisdom on “actitainment” on April 24th at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn! “Actitainment” is a combination of activism and entertainment. And who better embodies “actitainment” than Vermin Supreme?

Vermin Supreme has been running for president for a couple of decades now and he gets more and more popular each year. So, if you find yourself with a free pony after the next presidential election, don’t be surprised. And that’s not all! A pony is the least of your perks with Vermin as your new president. The self proclaimed “friendly fascist” will establish dental hygiene laws and zombie awareness. The biggest threat our country faces today is not Iraq, or North Korea, or terrorists, or Brits, it’s gingivitis and the undead! And Vermin is going to declare war on them. He is also going to fund time travel research.

On April 24th at the Jalopy Theater, we will engage Vermin in a heated discussion about the movement of activism and entertainment, how it came about, his opinions about it, who it targets, and how it affects him. There will be other panelists at the event with him that will give their input as well. Along with the panel discussion, there will be a social media and vodka competition with awesome prizes!

Tickets will go on sale shortly. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates regarding this and other events. Check out the links below for more info on Vermin and his policies and the Jalopy Theater!

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